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Department of Public Safety

Police Division - Public Safety Advisory Committee


The Public Safety Advisory Committee is an established university committee under the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The committee is established to provide an advisory and consultative review of actions and activities designed to improve the communication, programming, and operational activities of the Department of Public Safety for the campus community. UNI Police operations and policy development and revisions shall remain the responsibility of the Director of Public Safety.

Committee Members

The committee will be comprised of the following members:  

  • 2 faculty members selected by the Faculty Senate
  • 2 P&S members selected by the P&S Council
  • 2 Merit members selected by the Merit membership
  • 2 UNI students selected by Student Government

Service to the committee is a two year appointment.

Exofficio membership :

  • Director of Public Safety or designee
  • Division Director selected by the Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Director of Multicultural Center

The Public Safety Advisory Committee will meet once a semester, but can be convened at the request of the Committee Chair or the Director of Public Safety as necessary. A quorum for conducting business shall be half of the voting membership. Relevant matters may be brought to the attention of the committee:

Relevant matters may be brought to the attention of the committee:

  • Topics, questions, concerns may be referred to the Advisory Committee by any member of the committee for review, discussion, and recommendation
  • Topics may be brought brought forward by a member of the university community through a formal request or correspondence to any member of the committee or the Director of Public Safety.
  • Reviews and recommends changes in parking operations to include parking rates, fines, rule revisions, and changes in space designations.
  • The Director of Public Safety will provide the committee with updates as to UNI Police training issues, safety and security programming, emergent issues for public safety.

Any action and/or recommendation made on the matters brought before the committee will be in writing to the Director of Public Safety. This ensures an accurate review and recommendation of matters is made a part of the record of committee action.

Any member of the committee may be represented by a designee as identified by the committee member. The designee shall retain the rights and privileges of membership and are subject to the eligibility requirements ascribed to the Member they represent.