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UNI Administration and Financial Services
Exemplary Service Award

You are invited to submit nominations for the Administration and Financial Services Exemplary Service Award (formerly known as the High Five Award). This prestigious award recognizes A&F Division employees annually for continued and outstanding achievement in the division's core values of service excellence, teamwork, and initiative. By reaching higher and farther, exemplary service recipients demonstrate the ways that all division employees can help the University of Northern Iowa achieve new heights of excellence. Although this award has similar characteristics of the university-sponsored Panther First Award it is distinctively different, as the Exemplary Service Award recognizes behaviors, attitudes, and actions beyond any single event.

Eligibility, Nomination, and Selection

The Exemplary Service Award honors staff members in the departments listed below that demonstrate a continued and extraordinary commitment to Administration and Financial Services Division’s core values.  Nominees should stand out as exemplary in one or more of the following areas:

Service Excellence Teamwork Initiative

All permanent UNI Administration and Financial Services Division employees are eligible for the nomination after a minimum of two years of service.

To nominate an A&F employee for the Exemplary Service Award, complete the nomination form and send it through campus mail at VPAF-Exemplary Service at mail code 0003. Online nominations can be made by going here. All nominations must be submitted by December 2, 2013.

Nominations must include a written description of the nominee’s continued and outstanding achievements in one or more of the division’s core values.  Submissions in paragraph format are encouraged so nominations convey the outstanding work of the nominees.  The content of the descriptions will bear more value in the selection process than will the style in which the descriptions are written.

Nomination forms will be evaluated by the A&F Rewards and Recognition Committee.  Names of nominees will be removed prior to being reviewed by the committee.

Final candidates’ supervisors and/or co-workers may be interviewed for more details regarding the nominee’s continued and exceptional work performance.

Exemplary Service Award recipients will be recognized publicly during the division’s annual ceremony on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

Nominations Closed

Award Recipients

A&F Rewards & Recognition Committee:
Therese Callaghan
Human Resource Services
Vice Chair:
Cathy Pearson
Facilities Planning
Sherri Baldwin Business Operations
Mark Fober Financial Accounting & Reporting Services
Jason Kayser Environmental Health & Safety
Rachel Kleven A&F Technology Services
Ricky Thomas Physical Plant
Jennifer Hansmann Ex Officio
Employees in the following departments are eligible:

  • A&F Technology Services
  • Office of Business Operations
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Facilities Planning
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting Services
  • Human Resource Services
  • Office of the Vice President for Administration & Financial Services
    • Budget
  • Physical Plant
  • Public Safety
  • Sustainability