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A&F Services Projects
Electrical and Steam Usage
In collaboration with Facilities Services, AF Technology Services staff members are bringing building-level electrical and steam usage data to the web. Real-time and baseline data obtained from networked metering devices will be analyzed and reported by building. Statistical and graphical information unique to each location will be provided.
Online Collaboration
In response to a substantial increase in requests, AF Technology Services is developing a number of Microsoft SharePoint-based online collaboration sites. These sites are used in support of a number of varied projects and initiatives, including UNI business processes, State of Iowa educational programs, reaccreditation efforts, incident response, project management, committee collaboration, athletic team operations, and many others. Advanced custom features, including workflow, are being developed to support unique requirements.


Rewrite Salary Worksheet Process
The salary worksheet process is scheduled for major updates. The intent is to make this process much more streamlined and user friendly for Administrators and improve the interface with budget development.
Apply New Global Software Solution
We recently purchased a software product called Excel Spreadsheet. This software provides a link between Oracle financials and Excel which greatly facilitates the creation of reports. In addition, this product converts numerous existing reports into publish ready reports.

Business Operations
The Office of Business Operations is actively involved in the implementation of the new student information system (SIS). The Student Financial application is scheduled to go live July 15, 2011. Beginning with Fall 2011, our electronic u-bills will be created on the 1st of every month and will be due on the 20th; this is a change from our previous cycle of billing on the 10th of the month with payment due by the 5th of the month following. In addition to changes with the bill cycle other changes include the addition of a 5 month payment plan, more frequent refund disbursements – daily during the first two weeks of class and twice weekly thereafter, and online access to additional information for students and parents with a Third Party Account. Other policy changes include the addition of a payment terms agreement for the student to accept and a change in how late fees are calculated – fees will be variable based on outstanding balance, compared to a flat fee which was charged previously.

Penny Becker is the functional lead on the Student Financial portion of the SIS project. Staff from Student Accounts and Cashiering has been involved in numerous meetings and discussions as the system is being developed. In the upcoming weeks they will be spending increased amounts of time testing and training in the new system as well as doing data conversion.

For complete details of the coming changes visit

Environmental Health & Safety
Fire Safety Training for Campus Dormitory Residents
During the RA training, all Fall 2011 RAs will be given a training session by Jason Kayser on Fire Safety in Residence Dorms. This will be followed up to the dorm residents with a tri-fold brochure on fire safety in Residence Dormitories.
Crowd Manager Training for Large Events
Jason Kayser is working with A&F Technology Services to put together an on-line e-learning program that will address fire safety issues that need to be considered when ushering at large events, i.e. GBPAC, McLeod, UNI-Dome.

Facilities Services
Apartment Complex
The University of Northern Iowa has identified the need for additional housing on campus to accommodate junior and senior students and is in the process of constructing an apartment complex that will eventually house approximately 800 students. For more information click here.
Facility Administration & Maintenance Information System (FAMIS)
FAMIS will provide the university and Facilities Services employees many benefits such as provide a better and more efficient means of prioritizing and scheduling work, enable departments to view the status of their requests, provide up-to-date and accurate cost data, and reduce the need for multiple systems. For more information click here.

Financial Accounting & Reporting Services

Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center
The Gallagher-Bluedorn recently announced its 11-12 season and it proves to be one of the best ever! Performances will feature rip roaring comedy, an arena-rock love story, Chinese dance, dazzling ballroom dancing, Celtic musicians, riveting African dance, and much more. Visit for more information on all of the performances.
The Gallagher-Bluedorn also announced a new film series, titled 'Inspiration Film Series'. Thanks to a new HD projector and screen, classic films, documentaries and independent films will be part of the first film series season. See the website for film titles and more information.

Tickets go on sale to the general public Monday, August 1. Friends members can order tickets prior to the general public.

Human Resource Services
Jobs@UNI – Web-based Applicant Tracking Tool
The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) has partnered with the University of Iowa to implement a 100% web-based applicant tracking tool called Jobs@UNI. This tool will allow applicants to view current University employment opportunities, apply online, and track the search progress all through a web browser. In addition, Jobs@UNI will support the search committees’ work by streamlining the internal search process. UNI’s hiring team, the offices of Compliance and Equity Management, Executive Vice President and Provost, and Human Resource Services, plan to have the tool implemented Spring 2012.
HRS Imaging
Human Resource Services is in the process of scanning and indexing all employee documents using the campus support imaging software called Hershey. The imaging of documents safeguards paper files in cases of disaster, increases auditing and security, and also reduces physical storage space.

Public Safety

University Sustainability