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FAMIS Service Request

The Service Request feature of FAMIS allows the campus community to submit Service Requests online. Users will receive an email notification when their Service Request has been converted to a Work Order. A second email will be received when the Work Order is closed. For people who have been granted access, costs associated with Work Orders may be viewed online.

This tool should not be used in an emergency situation. Life and safety emergencies should be called to 273-4000 from any campus phone.

If the Service Request is an emergency, call Facilities Planning front desk at 273-4400 during business hours.

If the emergency is after hours, call Public Safety at 273-2712.

How Does it Work?

All Service Requests are automatically routed to Work Control. Work Control will review requests and assign them to the appropriate Facilities Planning department.

Quick Links

FAMIS Self-Service
FAMIS Online Purchasing

User Guides

FAMIS Self-Service
FAMIS Online Purchasing

Types of Service Requests

  • Building Maintenance
    • Electrical
      • Light out
      • Outlet Repair
      • Add/install outlet
      • No power
      • Other
    • Heating/Cooling
      • Too hot/too cold
      • Lack of ventilation
      • Install window A/C
      • Noises
      • Other
    • Elevators/Fire Alarms
      • Elevator not working
      • Alarm problem
      • Other
    • Plumbing
      • Water leaks
      • Plugged/slow drain
      • Other
    • Doors/Locks
      • HDCP doors/operator not working
      • Lock repair
      • Lock change
      • Electronic access trouble
      • Key issue
      • Other
    • General Maintenance
      • Carpet repair
      • Ceiling tile repair
      • Painting
      • Other
  • Project/Renovation
    • Cabinets/counters
    • Carpet/paint
    • Furniture
      • Replace furniture
      • Repair furniture
      • Purchase new
    • Ceiling
    • Lighting
    • General remodel/renovation
    • Other
  • Transportation/Delivery Requests
    • Tables/chairs
    • Move items
    • Recycle
    • Other
  • Grounds Requests
    • Broken glass
    • Slippery condition
    • Trash pick up
    • Pest control – exterior
    • Tree limb down
    • Parking lot problem
    • Plugged drain
    • Other
  • Custodial Requests
    • Light out
    • Clean up spill
    • Pest control – interior
    • Odors
    • Other
  • Event Support
  • Other

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments
please contact:

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Getting FAMIS Online Store Help

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