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FAMIS Online Store

The online store feature of FAMIS is a web-based application that allows the campus community to submit campus supply purchases online. This includes cleaning supplies, office paper and miscellaneous office supplies.

Completing the FAMIS Authorization for Access form to use the Online Store will require departments to identify the account or accounts that purchases will be charged to.

For each account number identified, FAMIS staff will create a standing work order number. This standing work order number will be given to those requesting authorization. When staff access the online store for purchases, they will enter a Standing Work Order number to the shopping cart and the account number associated with the Standing Work Order number will be charged for the purchases.

If purchasing from more than one account, you will create different shopping cart for each Standing Work Order number.

The costs associated with Campus Supply purchases are posted at the end of each month and can be viewed online at that time.

FAMIS will not be used for Office Max purchases OR purchases from vendors, ONLY campus Supply.

Getting Access

Each person needing access to submit Service Requests or order from Campus Supply completes FAMIS Authorization for Access Form found in the Forms Repository.

The FAMIS Link is located by logging in to my universe. Go to the Work @ UNI tab and you will find it under the heading "My Administrative Access." It will not be here until you have been authorized to use FAMIS.

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FAMIS Self-Service
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