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Q1 What is supplemental long-term disability coverage?

UNI offers supplemental long term disability coverage to eligible employees with less than five (5) years of service. The supplemental long term disability plan is designed to allow employees to purchase 70% long term disability coverage prior to their normal eligibility for University paid coverage. As the University paid coverage phases in, the employee paid supplemental coverage phases out. All employees applying for coverage are required to complete the Supplemental LTD Application before coverage can begin. The completed application should be sent to the HRS Benefits department.

Benefits under the plan are structured as follows:

Year of Employment in Which Coverage Commences Amount of Benefit Supplemental Plan Provides Amount of Benefit UNI Provides Total Benefit
0 to 1 Year 70% 0% 70%
1 Year but Less Than 2 40% 30% 70%
2 Years But Less Than 3 30% 40% 70%
3 Years But Less Than 4 20% 50% 70%
4 Years But Less Than 5 10% 60% 70%

Q2 How much does supplemental long-term disability coverage cost?

The total premium is paid for by the employee through payroll deduction. The monthly rate per $10 of scheduled benefit and the annual cost for a new employee earning $40,000 may be found in the following chart:

Employee's Age Rate New Employee Annual Cost
($40,000 Salary)
Under 40 $0.06 $240.00
40 to 50 $0.10 $400.00
50 and Over $0.20 $800.00

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Date Updated: April 22, 2010